The Black Keys
Fri. Oct 24, 2014 8:00 PM - Target Center, Minneapolis MN

NOTE: Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value. Seats side-by-side, unless noted.

  • Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value.
  • Seats side-by-side, unless otherwise noted
  • Tickets shipped via FedEx, unless noted.


Target Center Guide
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Going to see The Black Keys at Target Center is a wonderful experience, and Vivid Seats has the breakdown of all the information you need regarding seating, parking, and handicap access. Get to know the information below, and prepare to enjoy The Black Keys on Fri. Oct 24, 2014 8:00 PM.

Target Center Seating Guide

  • Floor Seats - (Floor Level) - Floor seats are often general admission, which means it is first-come, first-serve, but sometimes they're assigned seats that are broken up numerically (1-10). Either way, they comprise some of the closest proximities to the action on stage. Since so many people enjoy floor seats best when seeing The Black Keys concerts, they tend to sell quickly.
  • Lower Level - (Sections 101-138) - The Lower Level seats are the next level up from the floor and span the 100 Level of the arena. These seats offer a splendid perspective on the action and usually wrap 270 degrees around the front of the stage, but sometimes they go all the way around. In these cases, parts or all of Sections 113-129 may be located behind or to the sides of the stage.
  • Upper Level - (Sections 201-240) - Upper Level seats are a level above the Suites and offer a great midpoint for those looking for affordable seats that still offer great views. These seats can also span 270 or 360 degrees around the stage, so be aware that part or all of Sections 213-229 may be located on the side or behind the stage.

Target Center Premium Seating

  • Club Live - When available, VIP seats combine unique services with the luxurious amenities like valet parking, private club access, and complimentary food and drinks.
  • Suites - When available, Suites are a great way to enjoy the show with luxurious amenities and premium food and drinks. The suites are located in between the Lower Level and the Upper Level and wrap around the arena. Keep in mind that some suites may be on the side or behind the stage.
  • Pit - When set up, many people would argue that the Pit is the best place to be in the entire arena. The close proximity to The Black Keys means your right in the middle of the action, and the seats are usually general admission. These tickets tend to sell out fast.

Target Center Parking

If you decide to drive to the The Black Keys concert, there are three parking lots (A, B, and C) immediately near Target Center, and the rates vary from $9 to $15. There is also metered street parking around the arena and 38 parking lots throughout downtown Minneapolis, many of which are connected to Target Center via a heated skyway. Also, be sure to contact a Vivid Seats representative as soon as possible to inquire about our Target Center parking passes.   

Target Center Handicap Access

Target Center is committed to assuring that disabled guests are as comfortable as possible, so you'll find accessible seating on all levels in the arena. With prior arrangement, Target Center's Guest Services provides complimentary wheelchair escorts to guests with special needs. There are plenty of disability parking spots on all levels of each of the A-B-C Parking ramps.

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