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Arizona Travel 200 Tickets & Seating

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Arizona Travel 200 News

2008 Arizona.Travel 200 Information

The Arizona.Travel 200 is all set to raise many a hair on the curves at the Phoenix International Raceway on the 8th of November. As the races keep on changing their sponsors, they keep changing their names as well. Believe it or not, this was once called the Outback steakhouse 200 back in 1999. Since then, the race has gone from this to Bashas supermarkets and now to Arizona travels 200. The races at this track have always been characterized with a certain amount of aggression and as to whether that is due to the desire to win the race or as a result of something in the Arizona air, only time will tell.

With the races being held at the Phoenix International Raceway, the shape of the tracks itself has given rise to many close encounters amongst the drivers themselves. The track is a tri shaped D oval and besides being in asphalt it is about a mile in length. It has a sharp curve in the backstretch that is called the dogleg and one that has often lad many an unwary driver to take the wrong turn. The tracks here are also flat and as a result of that the races here are quite fast and with the drivers negotiating the turns at breakneck speeds crashes are bound to happen and have done so for some time now. With things looking as though they are bound to be exciting, it is better to make sure that one can attend the event by purchasing one’s ticket way ahead of the game at