NFL International Series - Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions
Sun. Oct 26, 2014 1:30 PM - Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom

NOTE: Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value. Seats side-by-side, unless noted.

  • Prices set by sellers, may be over face-value.
  • Seats side-by-side, unless otherwise noted
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The second of three NFL International Series contests scheduled for 2014 will occur during Week 8 featuring an all-NFC matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions on Oct. 26 at spacious Wembley Stadium in London. This overseas appearance will be the first-ever for both the Falcons and Lions since the NFL International Series was worked into the regular-season schedule beginning in 2007.

Wembley Stadium Seating Information

With a capacity of roughly 90,000, Wembley Stadium is well-equipped to host a major event like NFL football. For Lions vs Falcons, all three main levels of seating are expected to be available for fans interested in attending. The layout will essentially resemble that of a standard football field, with the playing area centrally located and reserved seating sections extending up and around the entire venue in the form of 100, 200, and 500 levels. Private club seating also is featured throughout the stadium in between sections, though there may not be any available for purchase in the marketplace. However, you may have the option to buy various multi-night travel packages for the trip. Listings will labeled according to section, so be sure to check out any Wembley Stadium seating details included on this page for the Falcons-Lions game.

Wembley Stadium General Information

For the safety of fans and players, all guests are subject to search prior to being admitted into Wembley. Prohibited items on Oct. 26 include outside food and drink, coolers, strollers, noisemakers, professional cameras, and backpacks. Small flags are permitted as long as they do not obstruct the view of other guests.

Wembley Stadium Parking Information

Official parking for Wembley Stadium is usually available at Wembley Park and spaces may be reserved in advance. Guests are generally discouraged from utilizing any outside or public lots. Additional methods of transportation to Wembley include the train and tube, public bus, taxi, and Coach busses and bicycles, which both have reserved lots of their own as well.

Wembley Stadium Gate Times

Wembley Stadium generally opens its doors 1-2 hours prior to an event's official start time, though this is subject to change without notice.

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