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Top 10 NBA Draft Picks For 2018

September 19, 2018

A Look At the Top 10 NBA Draft Picks in 2018

One of the most exciting topics for discussion in the NBA (and any sport really) is who the next superstars will be. Thats why the draft picks are often the talk of so many forums, blogs and segments on T.V. Everyone wants to know and see whos up next, and 2018 has some exciting young talent to showcase. If youve been following the headlines for a while, youre going to recognize some of the names and faces.

A Quick Summary Of the Top Ten Picks

1. Deandre Ayton, Phoenix Suns, Arizona

A 7-footer, DeAndre Ayton brings a combination of freakish athleticism and rapidly growing skill level. Hes sat at the top draft pick lists from since October 2017, and the Suns have a shot of rising back to the spotlight when Ayton joins forces with Devin Booker.

2. Marvin Bagley III, Sacramento Kings, Duke

In all fairness, Sacramento made a conservative choice to pick Marvin Bagley. However, the team needs someone who can put up numbers early on, and Bagley can certainly deliver on that goal. Hes athletic and can produce as a scorer on the frontcourt.

3. Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks, Slovenia (via Atlanta)

Luka Doncic is already drawing comparisons to former Maverick, Dirk Nowitzki. The new Mavs shooting guard brings a level of professional experience that few players his age have under the belt. The team has high hopes that he will bring the goods once paired off with Dennis Smith.

4. Jaren Jackson Jr., Memphis Grizzlies, Michigan State

The Grizzlies know that Jaren Jackson Jr. will need some time to grow into his new role, but may very well grow into a stellar player. He has the potential to become a terrific center and has demonstrated that he can protect the rim, shoot from the perimeter and defend in space.

5. Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas), Oklahoma

The Hawks are hoping that Trae Young is the player who can spearhead their efforts to rebuild the franchise. Although some are scratching their heads about Atlanta skipping Doncic or Jackson, they still deserves credit for choosing Young based on the big performances he put up in his college career last season.

6. Mo Bamba, Orlando Magic, Texas

Mo Bamba brings an ideal combination of length, athletic ability and defensive skill. Orlando hopes that pairing Mamba with Jonathan Isaac will create a strong frontline which will pose a threat to the offenses of all teams league-wide. Better yet, Mamba has improved his skill since his days at Texas and he will only get better.

7. Wendell Carter Jr., Chicago Bulls, Duke

Despite not being the most explosive leaper, Wendell Carter brings a well-rounded skill set that will make him a great player. He can shoot threes - a bankable asset for a big man - and will make a solid addition alongside fellow teammate, Lauri Markkanen.

8. Collin Sexton, Cleveland Cavaliers (via Nets), Alabama

Considering the players that were snatched up before Cleveland could pick, Collin Sexton looks like the best fit. He has good ball handling skills and is a good scorer, not to mention that hes a physically tough player. Not everyone is onboard with him being a starting-level guard, but the Cavs are no doubt confident that he will be an asset.

9. Kevin Knox, New York Knicks, Kentucky

The Knicks are betting Kevin Knoxs youth can bring the team to new heights. He has demonstrated a good level of athleticism and strength, scoring ability and versatility as a forward. He still has some development left in him, but he may be what the Knicks need to support Kristaps Porzingis.

10. Mikal Bridges, Philadelphia 76ers (via Lakers),

The 76ers may indeed be taking a risk with Mikal Bridges as he could use more time for his development. Nevertheless, he is a talented player and if the 76ers are able to tap into his abilities as a player, he can definitely prove himself to be an asset for the team.  

Big Names, Big Expectations

Of the top prospects chosen in this years draft, these ten highlight the pack. Of course, there are many others who have been selected and even if theyre not in the top ten, could still develop into formidable players down the road. Only time will tell.

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