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Top 5 Must-Buy NFL Tickets For 2018

April 20, 2018

With the NFL schedule now announced, fans are starting to mark their calendars for the must-see matchups of the year.Its an interesting time in the NFL, with many of the dominant franchises of the past decade starting to slip, and new, exciting teams emerging as serious powers in each conference. Here are the top five, must-buy NFL tickets for the 2018 season:

5. The Cleveland Browns vs. Anybody

Theres nowhere to go but up for the Cleveland Browns in 2018. Thats a clich, but it is the absolute truth in this case, as the Browns registered an 0-16 season last year, following a 1-15 season a year prior. To put how long its been since the Browns did anything of note, the last quarterback to win two games for the team: Johnny Manziel.Manziel is underlined as the ultimate draft mistake by the Browns, but the organization will have yet another chance to find its franchise QB this season. Cleveland owns the No. 1 and No. 4 pick in the draft, which many believe could net them some comination of Sam Darnold/Josh Allen/Josh Rosen and Saquan Barkley.Its possible that the team could leave the draft with a pair (or more) of transformative rookies to go along with its ambitious offseason signings. Jarvis Landry received a brown jersey, as did insurance policy quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who is just two years removed from a Pro Bowl.If the Browns win even one game, it will be like the team won the Super Bowl. Buy Browns tickets and you could kinda get the equivalent of Super Bowl tickets for a fraction of the cost.

4. New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars

All the Patriots haters put their hopes in the hands of Blake Bortles in this past years AFC Championship Game, and it didnt quite work out. Those people had to wait for the Eagles to finish the job in the Super Bowl.Bortles might be a recurring punchline on The Good Place, but hes blossomed into a reliable performer who leads a scary team. In reality though, the Jags success isnt about Bortlesits about their outstanding defense. That D wasnt able to stop Tom Brady and Co. in the playoffs, but a year older, a Super Bowl wearier and weathered by constant rumors about the locker room and the Patriots might be ripe for the picking this season.

3. Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans

Everything is bigger in Texas, as they say, so does that mean the Battle of Texas is the absolute BIGGEST THING?Based on rarity alone, it will be a pretty big thing in 2018, as these two Texas teams do not meet very often. Adding to that is that the Cowboys and Texans both promise to at least be playoff contenders.The Texans will enjoy the return of a healthy J.J. Watt, the arrival of the Honey Badger and the post-breakout season talents of Deshaun Watson, three elements that will no doubt make them a sexy Super Bowl pick this year.Theres a little less hope in Dallas, particularly with the departure of Dez Bryant, coming off a disappointing year, but every Cowboys game is an event, no matter how good or bad the team is.

2. New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings

A rematch of perhaps the most dramatic football game in recent memory. If it werent for Stefon Diggs miracle touchdown, the Saints would have made it to the NFC Championship last year.Well find out if 2017 was the last stand of the Drew Brees era in New Orleans, or if last seasons surprise performance was evidence that theres still something left. For the Vikings however, there seems to be no debate that theyre for real, and early projections already see purple helmets being strapped up in the Super Bowl come February.

1. Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams

If the Saints and Vikings gave us the most dramatic football game ending of 2017, the Eagles and Rams gave us the best overall game.These two explosive offenses will meet in a rematch of their show-stealer in December, which saw the reemergence of Nick Foles. Foles replaced Carson Wentz, who wound up being out for the season, and went on to win a Super Bowl. But it all started with a game-saving performance against the Rams, one of the few teams that can match the Eagles offensive firepower.Image Source: The Sporting News

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