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Band No Longer on the Run

June 15, 2009 by ben

The rock legend Paul McCartney is touring once again. Everyone who knows rock music knows Paul McCartney, one of the former Beatles. He is still making music, still touring widely, and is perhaps the most respected musician in the rock/pop world! His lyrics soar with beauty and eloquence, but we can relate to them just as well as anything. This summer, he is touring cities across the continent and in several other nations as well. He has appeared onstage recently with Billy Joel, Ringo Starr, and many others and he was nominated for two Grammys at the last ceremony earlier this year. If there is anyone whose musical output matches his prowess, it is McCartney. If you get your Paul McCartney concert tickets today, you will be able to get a great seat in any part of the venue. You could sit right up close to the stage and see him from right nearby. Others might like to sit further back and see all the fun at once. Either way, McCartney’s shows this year are expected to be some of the best, so make sure you don’t miss him!

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