• Bruce Springsteen Appearing as The Boss

    Bruce Springsteen Appearing as The Boss

    Jul 24, 2009 5:54 PM by ben

    The current tour of Bruce Springsteen is one of the most popular among rock music fans at the moment. His style of heartland rock and touching lyrics make everyone stand up and dance. When The Boss comes to town, everyone knows it and most people make it to the arena to see them. People in Chicago are going to have the great pleasure of seeing Springsteen in person when he performs at the United Center on September 20th. He will certainly play some of his greatest hits, including “Dancing in the Dark,” “Streets of Philadelphia,” and “Born in the USA.” His current Working on a Dream Tour is definitely an event to behold, because it’s hitting cities all around the country and even some dates in other countries too. You can order your Bruce Springsteen tour tickets from Vivid Seats and enjoy some of the best music that anyone has written over the last few decades. He sings like Bob Dylan and Van Morrison, but he brings something extra to every performance. He knows when to sing a quiet song and when to sing a hard exciting song. If you saw him during the Super Bowl halftime show this year, you know how fun it is to watch him and the E Street Band playing together!