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He is forever young

March 14, 2009 by ben

“Forever Young” is one of those songs that sends you back a couple decades. And do you remember the voice of the musician who sang it? Rod Stewart has one of the most distinctive voices in all of rock music and it is famously raspy. With his two bands, The Faces and The Jeff Beck Group, he has been a major influence on punk rock, heavy metal, and blues-rock. There are rumors that The Faces might reunite to do a tour sometime soon, which would be absolutely great! Rod Stewart tickets are now available now for you to purchase! Some of Stewart’s recent work has been singing some of the most famous 1930s and 1940s style music. When he starts playing on his upcoming tour, he may do some of this music, but he’ll most likely sing people’s favorite old music of his. His music has been extremely popular over about 40 years: it is estimated that he has sold more than 250 singles and albums all told. Half of his singles made the top 10 in the UK and he’s also been popular in the US! Tickets are going fast, so place your order soon!

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