• John Bongiovi

    John Bongiovi

    Mar 23, 2009 5:30 PM by ben

    Bon Jovi has been one of the most consistent bands in the hard rock world over the last 25 years. This is one of those bands that everybody depends on to put on a great performance no matter what. They play broad, sing-along style anthems a lot in their performances, so you can feel like you’re part of the band at times. Lately, they have been covering some music from other musicians, from Leonard Cohen to Bruce Springsteen. Frontman Jon Bon Jovi, after whom the band is named, is still writing great songs after all these years too. This year, they may even be creating a “Greatest Hits Album.” This shouldn’t be too hard for them, as they have had 19 singles hit the Billboard Top 40 charts. This will be an album that everyone will buy. They might also be making a documentary and live DVD of their Lost Highway tour of last year. This is the band that sold out O2 Arena in London in 5 minutes. So get your Bon Jovi tickets now before it’s too late!