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Phish Tour Going Swimmingly

August 20, 2009 by ben

If you missed hearing Phish playing together, then 2009 has to be one of your favorite years ever. Many people thought they would never see these guys playing together again, but the band decided to reunite for a reunion weekend and a series of concerts throughout the summer and into the fall this year. You might have missed some of their shows, but there are still plenty of Phish tickets to go around! They have been playing many different concerts around the country with a variety of different musicians, including Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Nine Inch Nails, and the Beastie Boys. Their musical mixture seems to fit with almost any other artist’s and it’s always exciting to hear them work with other people. Even their performances at Bonnaroo 2009 drew a large crowd and allowed them to work with other performers appearing at the festival. In addition, they are about to release their 14th studio album “Joy” at the beginning of September. They worked with Lillywhite to put together this album and people who have seen the band in person have heard several of their charts during the concerts. They also have a save-the-date statement out for a three day festival, called Festival 8, from October 30-November 1st. It’s already been an amazing year for Phish fans and it’s only going to get better! Remember, it’s not just about the band and the music: there is a whole atmosphere at a Phish concert that you don’t want to miss. No matter if you’ve been to 20 Phish concerts or if this is your first one, you will enjoy their concerts this fall!

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