• Ray LaMontagne Climbs the Mountain of Stardom

    Ray LaMontagne Climbs the Mountain of Stardom

    Aug 7, 2009 5:51 PM by ben

    Ray LaMontagne is coming to a venue near you. You know his “raspy” voice from the radio or CDs, there’s no question. He has such a distinctive style that you can’t miss him. He’s not a typical singer-songwriter, but he is often compared to Van Morrison, Tim Buckley, or The Band. None of these are exactly like him, but they have some similar kinds of songs. Fans will know all the songs from his most recent album, “Gossip in the Grain” which was released in October 2008. It was his most successful album, debuting at #3 on the Billboard Charts. Many people really have enjoyed his music over the years, however, even before he became really famous. His folk rock talent became obvious with his first album, “Trouble,” and the subsequent album, “Till the Sun Turns Black.” He fits in well with a long line of American singer-songwriters who play music that doesn’t fit neatly in categories, but can be defined by the poetry of the lyrics and the intricate simplicity of their melodies. Find out for yourself! Get Ray LaMontagne tickets and you will get to hear all his own compositions in person, the way he means for them to be heard. You might also get to hear the famous British alternative rock singer, Leona Naess, who frequently opens for him during his live shows. No question: you’re going to enjoy this singer!