• Trans Siberian Orchestra Tour On Track

    Trans Siberian Orchestra Tour On Track

    Sep 16, 2009 5:50 PM by ben

    Every winter, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra goes on tour and wows fans from all across the country. The group was founded in 1996, when Paul O’Neill approached a few musician friends of his with a plan. It was a musical group that was supposed to bridge a lot of the barriers in the concert world. They present a mix of classical, rock, heavy metal and other kinds of music. The show also has a heavy component of theater, employing a lot of typical theatrical special effects, including smoke machines and pyrotechnics. In fact, some people say that it’s better to see this show from some vantage point where you can actually see the entire stage at once. They are best known for their shows of Christmas music, although they’ve been adding a lot of non-holiday material over the last couple years as well, especially in their recorded material. To find out what this show experience is like, check out our Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets which are some of the hottest tickets of the season; you will get to see this fun show that is intended to bridge boundaries between cultures and musical styles. Each show has two parts to it. The first part has the story from “Christmas Eve and Other Stories”, which remains one of their most popular albums since it was released in the late 90s. The second half is a mixture of songs from their newer albums, including songs that you probably haven’t heard before, even if you’re one of their biggest fans. It’s going to be a great tour for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and they will be in your town before you know it! Get your tickets today!