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Trust Neil Young

August 25, 2008 by Robyn

As a folk rock legend, Neil Young knows how to pick ‘em, or does he? He has enlisted bands Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie to open for him on his 2008 fall tour. With Wilco’s folksy acoustic songs (especially off the album Being There and their covers of Woody Guthrie songs with Billy Bragg on the Mermaid Avenue Sessions album), it’s easy to see into Young’s train of thought. But where did Death Cab for Cutie come into play? Yeah Death Cab is a low-key band and all but low key in that whining sort of way, not low key in the Neil Young gentle rocking tunes sort of way. Research indicates that Death Cab lead singer Ben Gibbard has been known to cover songs by artists from Avril Lavigne to Nirvana and has in fact covered Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” on tour. Maybe Neil Young was surfing YouTube and saw it. Maybe Neil Young likes Death Cab. Maybe Neil Young’s choice in opening bands isn’t so bad. Who knows? And if you don’t agree with Death Cab then buy tickets to see Wilco open from late November to early December or see Death Cab open from mid-October to early November. But most importantly, lets not forget who the main headliner is and cast all opening band wonder to the side. All the bands on this bill are successful in their respective genres and the show is going to be phenomenal so don’t miss out and buy tickets now!

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