• What a Change

    What a Change

    Mar 20, 2009 5:37 PM by ben

    Kid Rock concert tickets are going fast! About a decade ago, Kid Rock became one of the biggest new names on the music scene, appearing as one of the new generation of rappers. In fact, he was one of the most talented musicians on the scene at that time and remained very popular for a long time. But somewhere around 2003, his career took a little turn when he released an album without rap style songs on it. Instead it was based more on the rock and southern country style sounds he likes and it was also rather successful. Maybe it wasn’t as well known as his earlier work, but he has proven that he’s able to do many different kinds of music without any trouble at all. He’s been nominated for the Grammy Awards 5 times and lost out to Coldplay’s newest album this year. His most recent album, Rock and Roll Jesus was the first one of his to hit #1 ever and ended up staying at that point for quite awhile. As a result, his music has become extra popular again and you can bet that the tickets for his concerts are going to sell out very quickly.