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Wonderful Show

May 15, 2009 by ben

One of the icons of pop music in the world today is a man by the name of Stevie Wonder. He is a great musician who has talents that are greater than most pop musicians today. He plays more than half a dozen instrument proficiently and has recorded more than 30 US Top 10 hits over his career. He has also won 22 Grammys, which is more than any other solo artist has ever won. But you’re in luck, because you don’t just have to listen to his award-winning recordings. You can also get Stevie Wonder concert tickets and you will be able to hear and see him in person! He is the first Motown artist to have won an Academy Award for Best Song: “I Just Called to Say I Love You” from the movie Woman in Red, so you know his music is outstanding, both back then and right up to this day. Make sure to find your tickets and see the show!

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