• you too can see U2

    you too can see U2

    Dec 28, 2008 4:17 PM by ben

    Over 30 years of time have passed since U2 first came onto the music scene. They first formed in 1978 as a bunch of teenagers playing rock music, but they weren’t considered a great band until the mid-80s. With Bono and Co., this is still a top act in the world. U2 is in the process of producing a new album, which is supposed to be released in March, but that hasn’t been officially announced yet. From the background accounts coming out of the recording studio, this may be one of their best albums yet, with the band making some great musical leaps over their previous efforts. About a month ago, they released a new single album, called "I Believe in Father Christmas". This song isn’t original to them, but they covered a new version. As you can imagine, with a new album coming out soon, there will probably be a tour. Nothing has been announced for sure, but everyone’s hoping they get back out on the road. Don’t you want to see them too? See our U2 tickets and Vivid Seats will keep you posted on the latest developments.