• 2010 NFL Season Inches Near

    2010 NFL Season Inches Near

    Aug 25, 2010 5:28 PM by Sean

    The New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings will kick off the NFL regular season in New Orleans in little over three weeks. Meanwhile, fans are scrambling to book their 2010 NFL tickets with all 32 teams making their final preparations for the season. Football fans will have a multitude of story-lines to follow when the NFL returns this fall. This offseason's rash of free agent signings, coaching changes, controversies, and scandals have kept sportswriters very busy since last season. From the return of Brett Favre to Minnesota to the arrival of Donovan McNabb in Washington D.C., the league is rich with drama in 2010.

    Drew Brees and Saints' head coach Sean Payton have every intention of extending their Super Bowl party into the coming season, but the champs will have every team they face gunning for them. Over in the AFC, many NFL fanatics are anxious to see how Chad Ocho-Cinco and Terrell Owens will play together in Cincinnati now that T.O. has signed with the Bengals. Additionally, a number of exciting young rookies will make their mark in their first year in the league. Denver quarterback Tim Tebow, however, will be unquestionably grabbing the most headlines. Experts will likely be debating their preseason predictions intensely over the next three weeks, but football fans know too well anything can happen once the season begins. Football season is almost here!