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A Look Ahead to the 2010 NFL Season

June 18, 2010 by Sean

We thought it would be a good idea to take a peek ahead to next season as fans begin looking for their 2010 NFL tickets for the coming year. The New Orleans Saints will do their best in 2010 to defend their Super Bowl title, but a host of NFL franchise will be looking to take down the champs. There's no shortage of storylines heading into the fall with the Brett Farve will-he, won't-he sage still raging on, plenty of off season free agency moves, and a lot of off-the-field drama. The Ben Rothlisberger scandal will command nationwide attention in Pittsburgh this season as the Steelers try to rebound from a disappointing 2009.

The spotlight will shine brightest on one rookie in particular, however, with Tim Tebow beginning his NFL career with the Denver Broncos.  Players like Donovan McNabb and Julius Peppers will be the two biggest stars trying to fit in on new teams this season. The Philadelphia Eagles traded McNabb to their division rivals Washington Redskins for draft picks after a decade of service. Free agent Peppers signed a whopping 91 million dollar contract with the Chicago Bears in March as Lovie Smith and company try to reinvigorate their once dominant defense. Plenty of experts will be making numerous predictions about the 2010 season in the coming months, but football fans should always be ready to be surprised. Football season will be here before you know it!

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