• A.L. Postseason Madness

    A.L. Postseason Madness

    Aug 28, 2008 3:28 PM by nick

    With something like thirty days and an approximately equal number of games left in the MLB season, every team is looking to make that last push to guarantee their playoff berth. While there is some contestation in the N.L. (Mets and Philadelphia mainly), the A.L. East and Central is really heating up between first and second places, which is also causing some inter-divisional pressure as well. The Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, and Chicago White Sox are all in a pretty interesting four-way dance. Meanwhile, in the A.L. West, the Angels (barring team plane crash or multiple spontaneous combustions) are guaranteed a playoff spot. However, back to the East and Central divisions. It basically plays like this: Currently, the Rays are winning the A.L. East by a 3.5 game lead over Boston who, at this very moment is in extra innings with New York. The White Sox are currently winning the A.L. Central by a 1 game lead over the Twins. Simple so far, but it gets much more interesting. Chicago, Minnesota, and Boston all have relatively the same record, only a few games separating them. Even Tampa Bay is fairly close in standings. These four teams have far superior records over any one in the A.L. West so the wild card berth will go to one of them. This ultimately means that one of them will not make it into postseason play. As September winds down, every single game for these four teams will have huge effects on their playoff chances. If you want to be a part of the titillating action visit our MLB page for ticket information.