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AMA Supercross Making Big Jumps

July 29, 2009 by ben

If you have seen the sport on TV where the motorcycles jump over large dirt hills as they move around an arena-sized course, you will know that this isn’t a sport for the weak. You probably hold your breath every time a motorcycle leaps way up into the air while they try to beat out the other competitors. Most racing sports are just about the speed of the individual racers and out-maneuver the other racers. But when you get AMA Supercross tickets, you will see that the racers have other difficulties rather than just speed: they practically have an obstacle course where they have to complete jumps and hairpin turns without bumping anyone else while keeping their own balance. The upcoming Monster Energy Supercross tour is slated to hit more than a dozen cities over the course of three months. This means that you have a great chance to see some heart-pounding racing action with the stars of Supercross. One of the most popular racers is Chad Reed, who was among the winners in last year’s tour and keeps gaining sponsors due to his popularity and success rate. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the sport a hundred times or if this will be your first time. The exciting action never gets old with the AMA Supercross, so order your tickets right away for this winter’s tour.

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