• BCS All Hot N Steamy

    BCS All Hot N Steamy

    Nov 26, 2008 5:00 PM by nick

    "THE HORROR! THE HORROR!" Kurtz's last words in Heart of Darkness pertaining to the BCS rankings have never been more applicable. This year, with only a few weeks to go before the season ends and bowl game bids are announced, the ranking system is utter madness. First place has never been so heavily contested...perhaps ever. The possible bids for the big BCS bowl game could go to numerous worthy teams. Naturally, barring any last game meltdown, the Alabama Crimson Tide have their place locked in. It's the opponent's bid that makes this matter convoluted. There are three other teams with a 10-1 record, who have equally demonstrated their capabilities: The Texas Longhorns, Florida Gators, and Oklahoma Sooners. With a week left to play in the regular season, only Texas has a game against an unranked opponent. This means that both Florida and Oklahoma have the greater potential to lose a game, and their spot in the BCS game. If they all win, however, it seems impossible to discern who should stay and who should go. But what makes the whole situation even more confusing is that there are a few other undefeated teams who are not even in the top 5. Maybe they didn't have as rough a schedule, but nonetheless, they should get some sort of consideration. But however it goes down, Vivid Seats has the BCS bowl game tickets you need.