• Here Comes the Snap

    Here Comes the Snap

    Apr 26, 2009 5:49 PM by ben

    Are you ready for some football? It may sound like a weird question this time of year. The NFL season isn’t even close to starting. Usually, you don’t connect flowers blooming with the pigskin football. The NFL Draft was only yesterday. But those who are really looking for great football tickets are already buying! For some teams, and for certain seats, people have to start buying soon; otherwise the team might run out! With some teams, the excitement is expected, since there were some big moves this offseason. The Chicago Bears will be trying out their new QB, Jay Cutler. Anquan Boldin might move to another city. The Chiefs have Matt Cassel and several new players, so expect great improvement there. Some rookies will be signing after they were picked during the draft. After the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win in the Super Bowl this February and the Arizona Cardinals’ NFC championship, it’s going to be an especially exciting season this time around! Make sure you don’t miss out.