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LA Lakers Hope to Repeat

August 24, 2009 by ben

The Lakers are probably the most dominant team in the NBA right now. This is a team that is able to win games in all ways, dominating on the boards, scoring a lot of points, and getting defensive stops. The biggest reason for the team’s current dominance is the consistent play of Kobe Bryant. He is considered the best player in the league right now and has been that for several years. He comes through under pressure in game after game. He has abilities with the basketball that most people only dream of. During the offseason, this team picked up one of Bryant’s nemeses, Ron Artest. Against Artest, Bryant had difficulty getting to the basket and the physical play that happened when they were matched up was intense. Now they are teamed up and will give any other team a very hard time. Artest has a lot of energy and wears other players down with his intense defensive style. He also makes rebounds better than most other people. To help out Kobe Bryant on offense is Paul Gasol, who was with the team last season too. This year, his point and rebound totals are expected to rise and it will be exciting to see this Laker play better than ever! This year, order Lakers tickets so you can see these players actually dominating the basketball world in person. If this is your favorite team, you wont want to miss the world champions trying to get back into the playoffs and into the NBA Finals. Many people expect them to win the championship once again this year, but there will be a lot of teams aiming to knock them off track. This means a lot of exciting games for you to see! Order your tickets today!

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