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MLB All Stars Shining Brightly

July 04, 2009 by ben

This week, we have seen a lot of voting for the MLB All Star Game, which will decide who gets to play at this big game. Most of the voting is done by sports writers and coaches, though they have got the fans in on the act now with online voting. Some of the predictions at the moment are that several Red Sox will win some of the voting. But there is lots of suspense as to whether Mark Teixeira of the Yankees or Kevin Youkilis of the Red Sox will get the first baseman position for the American League team. The All Star Game will be held on July 14th. Order 2009 MLB All Star Game tickets to get in on the action! But if you can’t come that day, it doesn’t mean you have to miss all the rest of the fun. There is a homerun derby, kids events and several other special activities and events during that week which will give you the chance to see the best baseball players in action. But the main event is the All Star Game itself. No longer does is it just played for fun. Yes, they will be playing for the honor of victory, but they are also playing to secure their league’s home field advantage in the World Series. Make sure that you’re there in person and have a great time this July 14th! Mark your calendars!

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