• NBA All Star Jam

    NBA All Star Jam

    Dec 19, 2008 5:05 PM by nick

    With the NBA season well underway, the halfway mark is nearly here. And if the halfway mark is almost here, that can only mean that the NBA All Star Weekend is right around the corner. Every year, the best of the best are selected and pitted against one another in various forms of competition, all for the fans' amusement. The massive, three-day event has something new to offer fans every day. On Friday, you can see the Rookie Challenge, in which first year pros take on selected second year pros in various challenges. Additionally, Friday also show cases the celebrity all star game, each team featuring an assortment of celebrities and one WNBA player. Saturday is mainly a day of shooting prowess, such as the 3-point contest or the slam dunk-off. But the culmination comes on Sunday when the best in the league face off against each other in the East vs. West battle. While there's nothing riding on the outcome (such as in MLB), pride is more than enough to motivate each side. You can see the entire weekend-long event with our great NBA All Star Jam tickets currently on sale.