• One to go

    One to go

    Dec 27, 2008 10:26 PM by ben

    We've played 15, there is one game to go!  It's time to get serious about this. The NFL season is coming to an end. But now we have to take a look at who might be the real winners this year. There are several playoff spots still to be decided. And everything will be decided tomorrow and the next day (although some tiebreakers could happen in the first playoff week. Some of the best teams this year are Tennessee and the New York Giants. Tennessee is a bit of a surprise, but they went a long time this year with no losses at all. New York has played great so far, and has remained consistently strong. Arizona also claimed their division pretty early, but they're having trouble the last few weeks. The AFC East is still tied, though it's only a two-way tie rather than the three-way tie we had at the beginning of last weekend. It seems to be a battle between the Patriots and the Dolphins. The New York Jets could still get in there but it's a long-shot. The NFC North will also be decided tomorrow. One of these teams will go to the Super Bowl. If your team goes to the Super Bowl, you'll want to be there. If your team doesn't make it to the Super Bowl, you should still go out to Tampa and see a great game! Get your Super Bowl tickets today and you'll get to check it out!