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Pacman versus Golden Boy

November 17, 2008 by nickd

While it may be quickly losing ground to the newer, faster and (dare I say) more hardcore world of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting, the "gentleman's sport" of boxing can still thrill the audience when there are two really great fighters going at it in a highly anticipated match. While that in itself may be a somewhat rare occasion anymore, the boxing world has just recently put on some worth-the-hype matches (such as Hopkins vs. Pavlik and Calzaghe vs. Jones Jr.) and has some future tricks up its sleeve as well. The most notable upcoming matchup will be between "The Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya and "Pac-Man" Manny Pacquiao. Widely regarded as the best pound for pound fighter in boxing today, Pacquiao is actually listed as the underdog for this matchup because of the fact that he will be fighting up above his normal weight class. Boxing pundits feel that he will be moving too far up to fight against De La Hoya, who will be fighting in a weight class very close to his natural body weight. But then again, Pacquiao is 6 years the junior of De La Hoya so speed and conditioning will be on his side, as well as a recent boxing history that has pushed his confidence level to the ceiling. The one thing fans can expect, however, is a lot of hard hitting punches from both men. Neither wants this to be left in the hands of the judges. You can catch all of this action live if you check out our supply of boxing tickets and find seats to their December 6th showdown today!

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