• Pacquiao and Mayweather Battle of the Century

    Pacquiao and Mayweather Battle of the Century

    Jan 6, 2010 1:32 PM by ben

    In just a few weeks, there is a great fight planned between celebrated Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. who has a perfect fighting record to defend. As two of the biggest names in boxing over the last two years, the fight is reported to be the richest fight in boxing history, with a $50 million split up front. You can order Pacquiao vs Mayweather tickets and attend this historic event with all your friends and family. It's going to be held in Las Vegas on March 13th, which is only a little over two months away. Pacquiao has fought 55 fights and won 50 of them whereas Mayweather is unbeaten in 40 professional fights. A fight between these two will clearly be pivotal for both sides! This fight is not without its drama already: there has been an ongoing dispute between the boxers about the terms of the fight and whether both sides have to undergo blood testing for performance enhancing drugs. This has put the fight in jeopardy, as many people already know. But that's no reason to put off getting your tickets today. You will jump ahead of those who decide to wait to order. Boxing fans have been waiting for this kind of headline fight for years and now they have it. If you are a passionate boxing fan or even just a casual observer, this is one boxing match you don't want to miss!