• SEC Championship Matchup

    SEC Championship Matchup

    Dec 6, 2008 5:01 AM by nick

    Today's SEC Championship matchup is a fully loaded affair with huge implications. When the Florida Gators (11-1) travel to Alabama (12-0), the winner will not only enjoy the glory of being the 2008 SEC champion and beating one of the best teams in the nation, the winner will also receive a BCS National Championship berth. Needless to say, this game cannot be taken lightly by either side. But what even adds more flame to this white fire is that the team dynamics seem to boil down to one of the classic questions in almost any sport: Which wins, Speed or Power? The Florida Gators, aptly filling the speed role, are led by their do it all quarterback Tim Tebow. Not only can he throw the frozen rope into tight coverage, he can also run it if there's no option available downfield. On the other hand, Alabama's strength is borderline preternatural. Exemplifying this trait is Alabama's nose guard Terrence "Mount" Cody, a 380 pound beast of a man. He has been the backbone of the stalwart Alabama defense this year and Florida needs to figure out a way to block him or it'll be an easy win for the Crimson Tide. As much as pundits believe it will be power vs. speed, however, the respective coaches of each team believe that they have all the necessary skills (both strength and speed) to defeat the opposing team. However it goes down, the best way to see it all is live with these great SEC Championship tickets.