• That Paul Byrd Is So Hot Right Now

    That Paul Byrd Is So Hot Right Now

    Aug 12, 2008 4:10 PM by nick

    For a pitcher who’s rapidly approaching birthday number thirty-eight, Paul Byrd is "hucking" heaters, "chucking" curves, and uh, "chartering?" change-ups like a taut, young rookie out of college...at least, as of lately he is. After starting the season off 3-10, he has been untouchable since the all-star break, pitching and winning 4 straight games, with an ERA of 1.24. And now he’s switched uniforms. Paul Byrd became a recent aquisition to the Red Sox from the Cleveland Indians, in exchange for a player yet-to-be-named or simply cash. Hopefully, from the Bostoner’s perspective, Byrd’s recent  "hotness" can continue. In what can be acutely described as an ailing starting pitcher lineup, with aces Colon, Schilling, and Wakefield on the DL, the Red Sox place a lot of hope and faith in Byrd, who is expected to put on his first pair of red sox this Friday in place of Clay Buchholz. Red Sox fans and players alike realize that as October approaches, the opportunity window gets smaller, and the chance at defending the MLB championship title follows in suit. Byrd may be the catalyst for a hot streak, and if this proves true, Boston sports fans may have to recall two legendary Byrds.