• The Ice is Ready

    The Ice is Ready

    Oct 9, 2008 2:04 PM by nick

    While the NHL season has officially started, no game has yet been played on American ground. This past weekend, the NHL opened the season with two pairs of games featuring the Rangers vs. Lightning, and the Penguins vs. Senators, played in Prague and Stockholm respectively. The New York Rangers returned to America this week with a 2-0 record while the Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators split their series. Tonight, however, things go into full swing on American ice when the defending Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings welcome the Toronto Maple Leafs in their home opener. The Red Wings/Maple Leafs game will be the first of four opening day games. Boston will play Colorado; Calgary against Vancouver; and finally Anaheim at San Jose. The beginning of the new season has both players and fans excited. All the fantastic goals, huge hits, and incredible saves that seemed omnipresent last year are guaranteed to return with this new season. You can catch all the action live if you want. Check out our 2008 NHL schedule and find the must-see hockey games you can't miss.