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Tie Is The Tie Breaker

December 29, 2008 by nick

After Week 12 was said and done, the Philadelphia Eagles stood at as even of a record as possible: 5-5-1 (The 1 of course being a tie). While this is not necessarily a bad record, it was certainly an abysmal record to have in the highly competitive NFC East, where the Giants already had 10-plus victories, Dallas with 8, and the Redskins with 7. But as time crept on, the Eagles silently won in the background while Dallas and Washington imploded. However, even at the end of last week when the Eagles improved their record to 8-6-1, they were still well behind in the wild card hunt. But, in a Sunday full of crucial matchups with heavy playoff implications, everything, absolutely everything went right for the Philadelphia Eagles. They need Tampa Bay to lose, they lost. They needed Chicago to lose, they lost. They need Dallas to lose, they (Philadelphia) pounded them (Dallas) 44-6. That tie game which looked so ominous over a month ago became the saving grace for the Eagles. Their 9-6-1 record beat out all of the other 9-7 teams, and stood as a strong testament to the will and determination of McNabb and the rest of the Eagles. They now have at least one more game to play for, and with the slates wiped clean, Philly has just as much a chance to win it all as any one else. Perhaps more so, considering the hot streak they're on. Follow them into the postseason with our great 2009 Philadelphia Eagles playoff tickets!

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