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Top Blogs to Read for 2011 World Series News

October 20, 2011 by Morgan

Vivid Seats Picks: Must-Reads for 2011 World Series

With the 2011 World Series now in full swing, we thought we'd recommend two blogs that caught our attention with their World Series coverage - one for the St. Louis Cardinals and one for the Texas Rangers.

Besides providing up-to-the-minute coverage on this year's series and showing their obvious fan biases (who doesn't like a little smack talk during a time like this?!); the content is witty, with posts sometimes not longer than one word (The Rangers Lose Game 5 - describes an unnecessary - but still evident - blooper in the ALCS when the Rangers held a commanding lead), some stats oriented posts (Will the Cardinals Be Able to Out Slug the Rangers?), and overall good reads.

So without further ado, we give you Viva El Birdos and Baseball Time in Arlington:

Viva El Birdos - This St. Louis Cardnials blog boasts multiple daily updates all from a Cards point of view, of course.

Why we like it: 

  1. It's a casual blog with a fun tone. You can tell the authors are excited about their team this year, and they want to engage with other Cards fans during the series. Multiple authors post daily, so a wide range of perspectives are featured - if you happen to dislike or disagree with one, on to the next!
  2. Writers incorporate personality and humor into the content - posts are never boring, and offer valuable opinions and information for fellow fans.
  3. They cover everything from injuries to statistics to outright biased sports opinions; and they interact with readers via polls and comments.
  4. The blog's layout just makes sense. They show you the most popular blogs on the site, and link to their other social media channels as well as fan content and events.
  5. Anyone can write! Just register with the blog and write your post. Fan posts are welcome!

You can follow @TheBirdos on Twitter for more Cardinals updates.


Baseball Time in Arlington - A Rangers baseball blog written by fan for fans.

Why we like it: 

  1. The bloggers respectfully tell the competition to eat it! We love the camaraderie that comes along with sports - but we also love the heckling. Spread it on, BBTiA.
  2. Multiple contributors. This blog offers different voices and perspectives on Rangers baseball. There are some short, funny posts; some long, statistical posts; and tons of great info about the Rangers in general.
  3. They know how to make fun of themselves. Everyone has bad days, and when the Texas Rangers have a bad day, their fans on BBTiA have no problem making light of the situation and staying positive.
  4. Posts cover all aspects of baseball as they relate to the Rangers - not strictly Rangers games.

You can follow main contributor, Joey Matschulat, on Twitter @BBTiA for more Rangers updates.


We hope you enjoy reading Viva El Birdos and BBTiA as much as we do! Stay tuned as these die-hard blogs follow their teams through this year's World Series.


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