• World Series Coming Up

    World Series Coming Up

    Oct 16, 2009 1:51 PM by ben

    The MLB playoffs are down to the final four! On the National League side, we see the Los Angeles Dodgers in a rematch against the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies. During the course of the divisional series, the Phillies hit their stride and fans started to recognize last year’s championship team. If they go to the World Series, they won’t be playing against the Rays again, but they can be expected to battle hard against the American League contender. But the Dodgers have been a dominant team all year and have the batting and pitching to be formidable in the NLCS. The addition of Manny Ramirez is considered one of the best moves of their offseason, giving the team new life. In the American League, the New York Yankees continue their tenacious play. Their strong lineup and pitching makes it a team that seems practically impossible to beat. Their deals for Teixeira and other players are paying off right now, as they get clutch hits at every turn. Their opponents, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, are unexpectedly successful this year. They led their division practically wire-to-wire, though, and they have a good chance to take this series against the Yankees. As we move closer to the October Classic, you should find your World Series tickets ASAP. These tickets sell out faster than you would believe, so make sure that you are one of the first in line today, no matter which teams end up in the series!