Oct 17, 2008 5:20 PM by nick

    WWE Smackdown and WWE Monday Night Raw have been two of the biggest staples in the success of the WWE. That's because they occasionally give the fans a pay-per-view calibre event on basic cable. For instance, this upcoming WWE Smackdown will feature a classic match of power versus speed/technique. When the Russian giant Vladimir Kozlov takes on Jeff Hardy tonight, another chapter of the power vs. speed debate will be settled. Can the big man land that one big hit on the smaller guy? Or will he be tired out by the constant, speedy, and agile attack of the smaller? Vladimir is known for just bullying through his opponents and being able to withstand a lot of damage. Hardy, on the other hand, is no lay down Sally. He too almost enjoys pain and will use his body in any way he can too inflict it upon another. Regardless of how it turns out tonight, it will definitely be entertaining. You can see tonight's Smackdown, and many other WWE events, if you capitalize on our great WWE tickets.