• WWE is WWonderful

    WWE is WWonderful

    Jul 25, 2009 5:54 PM by ben

    Things have been active in the WWE over the last few weeks. They have had several battles in a row. This weekend, it all continues with a Night of Champions competition. Among other fights, this will include a Triple Threat Match with Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena. This is going to be a big battle of personalities and you can be sure everyone will be talking about it on Monday. Randy Orton has been a dominant fighter over the last year or two but John Cena has put together impressive wins against tough fighters of all kinds. Meanwhile in other matches, Chris Jericho has been winning over other hard-to-beat fighters again and again. He’s perhaps the strongest fighter in the ring today. He just joined SmackDown this year during the WWE Draft and it was perhaps the best acquisition of the offseason for them. Those who are looking to see the WWE in person, and perhaps even catch Jericho in a big fight have lots of opportunities to do so this summer. The WWE is taping in cities all around the country and it’s going to be a great show every time! If you’re a fan of the WWE, Jericho, Orton or any other players, make sure that you are there in person! Get WWE tickets for 2009 right now.