• Civility


    Jan 21, 2009 5:41 PM by ben

    Even though it’s a cold January, and even though you might be looking for a comedy show to see to ward off the winter blues, you probably haven’t thought of checking out a French comedy play. The play is called God of Carnage, or “Le Dieu de Carnage” in its original name. It’s not a problem if you don’t happen to speak French, though, because the play has been translated into English for the current Broadway production. What is the play about? Two schoolboys, Ferdinand and Bruno, were playing a game at school called God of Carnage and Ferdinand breaks two of Bruno’s teeth. The parents decide to have a get-together to discuss the situation and before long they start arguing just like their children. It’s not hard to understand why either: one set of parents is relatively wealthy and live the fast-paced urban life; the parents are lower-middle class and are outside the mainstream. At the same time, each parent doesn’t get along with the other all that well either. The result is a chaotic clash of personalities that will surely have you laughing out loud. So find your God of Carnage New York tickets on our site today!