• Comedy with Cosby

    Comedy with Cosby

    Jan 9, 2009 5:46 PM by ben

    When you look around at the TV schedule, almost any night, you will see Bill Cosby on one channel or another. He has become such a major part of the American comedy scene that it's hard to imagine what it would be like without him. But did you know that before he was on television, he was a stand-up comedian? He uses to tell jokes about family and children, as well as other everyday topics. You could really relate to the kind of characters he would talk about during his routine. And he was quite entertaining. Chances are, you didn't know that he is still doing comedy shows all across the country. Well he is, and it's definitely a fun show to see! Cosby remains one of the funniest performers around. But he also has a serious side to him, taking on many of the challenging issues of our day. Don't you want to see this great performer and comedian when he comes to a venue near you? If you have the chance, you should do it!  Take a look at our schedule and Bill Cosby tickets and get your seats today.