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Elmo Lookin Fabulous on Stage

November 27, 2008 by nick

Let's face it, Elmo was born for the stage, not the camera. The charming attitude, the pleasant gait while he moves...he's not unlikeable. It just can't happen. So when producers realized that he was unhappy with his screen time on Sesame Street (as well as being abused numerous times by the cookie and sugar addled Cookie Monster), it was a natural move to put him on the stage where he can shine and just be himself. After only a few years on the stage, Elmo's burned the midnight oil and put together a slew of amazing stage productions including: When Elmo Grows Up, Elmo Makes Music, and Elmo! Ready for Action. He even handles most of the back stage work like makeup, lighting, and stage repairs. He's basically a work-a-holic. But he does it because he loves to entertain. Browse through our set of Sesame Street Live tickets and you can catch Elmo in any one of his handful of delightful shows. It's guaranteed fun for the whole family!

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