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Theater Musical

Gimme A Head With Hair

December 07, 2008 by nick

The musical that etched its place in the turbulent 1960s is being revived and brought back to broadway. Hair, the first rock musical that openly challenged many societal norms and policies of Vietnam, is slated to return to the theater in early 2009. The musical was both loved and despised during its original four year run from the late 60s into early 70s. Hair was a raw, voyeuristic view into the lives of politically active hippies fighting against conscription while living bohemian lifestyles together. With its daring portrayal of illicit drug use, sexual exploration, irreverence towards American ideals and the flag, profane language, and nude scenes, Hair was unforgettable. It was a celebration of pure freedom on the stage, even evidenced at the very end when audience members were actively encouraged to join the cast on stage for the finale. Now that Hair is returning to the stage, a whole new generation can experience what their parents and grandparents before them enjoyed or despised, and we’ve got the Hair broadway tickets you need to see it live!

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