• God of Carnage Smiting Other Plays

    God of Carnage Smiting Other Plays

    Aug 23, 2009 1:20 PM by ben

    Have you seen God of Carnage yet? One of the hottest plays on Broadway has attracted audiences of all kinds for most of this year already. This is a show that has humor, drama, and touches on a lot of important topics in the world. Order God of Carnage tickets to see this show about two families and their strongly differing perspectives on the world. When the two young boys of the family have an argument and fight at school, which results in one of the boys losing a couple of teeth, both sets of parents decide to get together to decide what should be done about it. Then the parents realize that they too don't completely see eye-to-eye on many things. One of the families is very modern and economically minded, having a lawyer who is always on the phone and his wife who manages his money. The other family has a working class father and a mother who is writing a book about Darfur. It's like a clash of civilizations right in one person's home. You shouldn't miss this show, because it's both funny and interesting at the same time. Many people have liked iit, including the people who give Tony Awards, so get yourself some tickets and enjoy!