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The Man Can Still Git R Done

November 06, 2008 by nick

You’d think that after well over 10 years he’d get tired of having to constantly Git’R Done...that we as a country would learn how to Git’R Done Did’d for ourselves...or at the very least, that after extensive touring, there’d simply be nothing left to be Got Dun’Dird Did’d. Just try telling THAT to Larry the Cable Guy, the ubiquitous comedian who rose to national prominence after teaming up with Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Ron White for the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Ever since he came to fame, Larry the Cable Guy has left much of America in stitches. With his affected accent and uber-Redneck apparel, Larry is an unstoppable comedic force. He has single handedly revived the prestige of the classic fart joke, not the dirty, lack-of-respect type of fart jokes that the new generation of comedians seem to gravitate towards. I mean, just when you think he’s just aimlessly rambling about a squirrel, a large amount of steak consumed, and a long drive through the woods...BAM! The punchline hits like a concussive fart and you find yourself gasping for breath while laughing at one of the all-time greatest Fart-Joke weavers in history. But to read it on paper and to hear it in person are two completely different things. Find your Larry the Cable Guy tickets today and buy a spool of thread and needle for your soon-to-be-split sides.

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