• Richard Rodgers Theatre Seating: A Guide for Hamilton and Other Broadway Shows

    Dec 22, 2016 10:59 AM by Alyssa

    Richard Rodgers Theatre Seating Chart

    New York’s Richard Rodgers Theatre opened in 1928, and the Broadway landmark has been a leading destination for the country’s best live theater from the beginning.

    From Guys and Dolls to Chicago to Hamilton, Richard Rodgers Theatre continues to maintain a reputation for excellence in entertainment.

    In 2015, the critically acclaimed musical Hamilton opened at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, and the historical hip-hop show is poised to be one of the biggest Broadway hits of all time.

    Continue reading this post for detailed seating information for Richard Rodgers Theatre, or jump to a full Hamilton schedule to see the Broadway show live.


    Richard Rodgers Theatre Seating Chart

    There are four main levels that make up the Richard Rodgers Theatre seating chart. You can see the breakdown between the Orchestra, Boxes, and Front and Rear Mezzanine in the image below.



    Richard Rodgers Theatre Seating Views

    Knowing where to sit for a Broadway show like Hamilton isn’t always as easy as looking at a theater seating chart. To give you an authentic feel for Richard Rodgers Theatre seating views, we’ve found a collection of fan photos that demonstrate what you’ll see across different levels of the theater.

    Richard Rodgers Theatre Orchestra Seating Views

    The Orchestra covers the full floor of the Richard Rodgers Theatre. The first level holds many of the Richard Rodgers Theatre best seats, mainly because of their proximity to the stage. The very front rows may give you a limited view of the musical because the lip of the stage can block some of the action farther back on stage. Generally, however, the seats nearer to the front and center are preferred.

    View image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAyBuGSgbcZ/

    Even seats farther back in the Orchestra give a prime view of the performance.

    View image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BOI0fbhDt3P/


    Richard Rodgers Theatre Box Seating Views

    Seats in the Richard Rodgers Theatre boxes will give you a unique view of your chosen show. These seats are situated very close to the stage, but they’re elevated above the sides of the theater, and some do not have the more limited side-view, which you can see in the image below.

    View image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDJ2y8-oacJ/


    Richard Rodgers Theatre Front Mezzanine Seating Views

    The Front Mezzanine stands one level above the Orchestra on the Richard Rodgers Theatre seating chart. Due to its location above stage level, Front Mezzanine seating views give an aerial view of the stage that lets you see the full stage from above. Unlike the Boxes, the Front Mezzanine gives a direct view of the stage.

    View image: https://www.instagram.com/p/_yA4gCrzey/


    Richard Rodgers Theatre Rear Mezzanine Seating Views

    Rear Mezzanine may be farthest from the stage, but the Richard Rodgers seating views from this level will still give you a full view of the performance. As you can see in the photo of Hamilton the musical below, your view from the Rear Mezzanine is going to be significantly higher up than other levels.

    View image: https://www.instagram.com/p/9eEx_pMy2W/