• What to Wear to Jimmy Buffett Concerts: A Parrotheads Guide

    Nov 8, 2016 4:04 PM by Alyssa

    Jimmy Buffett Outfits

    Put simply, Jimmy Buffett concerts are a one-of-a-kind experience. Until you’ve been in the midst of the “Parrotheads,” his most diehard fans, it’s hard to understand exactly what you’ll be seeing at one of the “Cheeseburger in Paradise” singer’s shows. From the tailgate to the encore, every second of a Jimmy Buffett show is a non-stop, feel-good party.

    If you’re ready to leap into Margaritaville, continue reading our guide for tips on what to wear to a Jimmy Buffett concert. You can also jump to the bottom of the page for even more photos of Jimmy Buffett outfits and concert tailgating hacks.

    What to Wear to Jimmy Buffett Concerts

    The overwhelming theme to follow when creating your Jimmy Buffett outfits is tropical. Bright colors, hula skirts, and Hawaiian shirts are out in full force every time Buffett takes the stage. For inspiration, picture the Florida Keys, beach vacations, tacky tourists, and lots of margaritas. Hats are also a big accessory at Buffett’s live shows. From shark fin headgear to self-enhanced beachcomber hats, you’ll see lots of wacky head accessories at the concert.



    For Women: Keeping in the tropical theme, women’s Jimmy Buffett outfits tend to include lots of hula skirts, colorful leis, and brightly colored sundresses. Fun accessories women can add to their outfits include parrot-themed jewelry, gaudy tropical sunglasses, and seashell or coconut bras.



    For Men: Men’s Jimmy Buffett outfits tend to be just as over-the-top as women’s outfits, if not even zanier. It’s not uncommon to see men rocking a hula skirt or a seashell bra over a t-shirt and shorts. Tamer options include Hawaiian shirts, board shorts or swimming trunks, and heavily accessorized hats.



    Jimmy Buffett Outfits, Tailgate Ideas, Concert Photos, and More

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