• Wrigley Field Concerts 2017 to Include James Taylor, Dead and Company

    Feb 6, 2017 9:25 AM by Alyssa

    Wrigley Field Seating Views

    If you’ve never seen a concert at Chicago’s historic Wrigley Field, 2017 is a great year to start. For the first time ever, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will take the centerfield stage on June 29, followed by the two-night debut of Dead and Company, June 30 and July 1.

    Then, just a few weeks later, Jimmy Buffett will return for the first time since 2005 with support from Huey Lewis and The News.

    Two days later, the legendary James Taylor will perform at the landmark ballpark on July 17 for a second straight year. Taylor will be performing alongside Bonnie Raitt during his Monday night summer performance.

    On Aug. 11, the "Piano Man" himself, Billy Joel, will return for a fourth consecutive year, and fifth time overall. 

    Fans will be able to get their country music fill in August as well, via a headlining appearance by Florida Georgia Line (with special guests Nelly, Chris Lane and Backstreet Boys), while a few weeks later, Zac Brown Band will be back for a third time on Aug. 26.

    Also appearing in between Billy Joel and ZBB will be two top-tier acts making their Wrigley Field debuts: Green Day on Aug. 24 and Lady Gaga the following night.

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    Let the guide below help you find the perfect seats to see this year’s headliners live at “The Friendly Confines.”


    Wrigley Field Seating Views

    With seating options ranging from the Field Level to the Upper Deck, Wrigley Field concert capacity checks in at just over 42,000 fans. The stage will typically be set up in the outfield, and large screens feature into most stage setups so that even the farthest fans can have a view of the live show. 

    Wrigley Field – Field Level Views

    Wrigley Field concerts give fans the chance to watch live performances from the very field where the Cubs have played for more than a century. Some acts, like Zac Brown Band, offer general admission options close to the stage on the Field Level for an up-close-and-personal concert experience.


    Many artists also offer reserved seating set up in the outfield on the Field Level. Some of these seating options may be farther from the stage, but the physical seat secures you a specific spot on the field.


    Wrigley Field – Club and Field Box Level Views

    The Club and Field Box Levels are the first seating options in the main stadium. While you’ll be farther from the stage in these two levels than you are on the Field Level, you’ll have a slightly elevated view of the performance.


    Wrigley Field – Terrace Level Views

    One of the last lower levels of the stadium, the Terrace Level still gives fans a fairly direct view of the outfield stage during Wrigley Field concerts. These seating options are located under the overhang of the Upper Deck.


    Wrigley Field – Upper Deck Views

    Although the Upper Deck seats for Wrigley Field concerts are farthest from the stage, this venue has great acoustics that allow the show to be heard crystal-clear in these uppermost reaches of the stadium.



    List of Wrigley Field Concerts

    Jimmy Buffett – Sept. 4-5, 2005
    The Police – July 5-6, 2007
    Elton John & Billy Joel – July 16 and 21, 2009
    Rascal Flatts – July 18, 2009
    Dave Matthews Band – Sept. 17-18, 2010
    Paul McCartney – July 31-Aug. 1, 2011
    Roger Waters – June 8, 2012
    Brad Paisley – June 9, 2012
    Bruce Springsteen – Sept. 7-8, 2012
    Pearl Jam – July 19, 2013
    Jason Aldean - July 20, 2013
    Billy Joel – July 18, 2014
    Blake Shelton – July 19, 2014
    Zac Brown Band – Sept. 13, 2014
    Billy Joel – Aug. 27, 2015
    Foo Fighters – Aug. 29, 2015
    Zac Brown Band - Sept. 11, 2015
    AC/DC - Sept. 15, 2015
    Phish - June 24-25, 2016
    James Taylor with Jackson Browne - June 30, 2016
    Pearl Jam - Aug. 20 and 22, 2016
    Billy Joel - Aug. 26, 2016
    Luke Bryan - Aug. 27, 2016
    Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - June 29, 2017
    Dead and Company - June 30-July 1, 2017
    Jimmy Buffett with Huey Lewis and The News - July 15, 2017
    James Taylor with Bonnie Raitt - July 17, 2017
    Billy Joel - Aug. 11, 2017
    Florida Georgia Line with Nelly, Chris Lane, and Backstreet Boys - Aug. 12, 2017
    Green Day - Aug. 24, 2017
    Lady Gaga - Aug. 25, 2017
    Zac Brown Band - Aug. 26, 2017