• Yankee Stadium Concerts: Seating Chart and Concert Schedule

    Dec 29, 2016 4:27 PM by Alyssa

    Yankee Stadium Concert Schedule

    The new Yankee Stadium opened in 2009, and since its arrival in The Bronx, this baseball stadium has been a hub for lots of different events. Outside of Yankees games, there have been some massive concerts at Yankee Stadium over the years, including shows from Paul McCartney, Jay Z and Eminem, Roger Waters, Romeo Santos, Metallica, and many more.

    On July 9, 2016, Garth Brooks became the first-ever country concert at the venue. The performance also marked his first solo show in New York City since 1997 when he put on a free concert in Central Park.

    There’s no better spot to spend your summer watching live music from the megastars booked for this year’s shows. View a full Yankee Stadium concert schedule for the months ahead, or keep reading this post for more information on the stadium seating chart.

    Yankee Stadium Seating Chart

    For concerts at Yankee Stadium, a stage will generally be set up in the outfield. Seats will be set up on the Field Level, and the stadium’s standard seating facing the stage will also be available. Typically, the seats in the outfield or any with a rear view of the stage won’t be for sale. You can see the general layout of the Yankee Stadium seating chart below:



    Yankee Stadium Concert Seating Views

    With more than 49,000 stadium seats plus temporary field seats, there are lots of different vantage points of the stage. You should keep in mind that most performers will have huge LED screens so fans farther away can still see the show.

    Yankee Stadium Field Level Concert Views

    Concerts at Yankee Stadium may have general admission or reserved seating on the field. These are the closest seats available to the stage, so watching concerts from the field feels more like your standard arena show.


    Yankee Stadium Legends Level Views

    The Legends Level is the first stadium seating option in the venue. Running right up to the field, the Legends Level will get you close to the action on the field without being right in the middle of everything.


    Yankee Stadium 100 Level Views

    If you choose 100 Level seating for Yankee Stadium concerts, you’ll be more or less on level with the stage. These seats are elevated above the field, though, so you’ll have a clear view of the performance above the heads of fans on the field.


    Yankee Stadium 200 Level Views

    The 200 Level is Yankee Stadium’s midway point. This level is the first part of the stadium where seats are noticeably at a vantage point above the stage. You’ll get a solid view of the stage and the surrounding stadium from seats in the 200 Level.


    Yankee Stadium 300 Level Views

    One step up, the 300 Level is a perfect choice for concerts with larger-than-life productions, lighting displays, or pyrotechnics. The video below was taken at a Roger Waters’ The Wall concert, and you can see that the full length of screen is visible from seats higher up in the stadium.


    Yankee Stadium 400 Level Views

    High above the field is the 400 Level. Seats in these sections are farthest from the stage, so your view of the show will be from afar. You can see in the video below, though, that sitting in the 400 Level will let you take in the full concert experience with excellent views of the full stadium.