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  • Trans Siberian Orchestra Tour On Track

    Trans Siberian Orchestra Tour On Track

    Concerts news Every winter, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra goes on tour and wows fans from all across the country. The group was founded in 1996, when Paul O’Neill approached a few musician friends of his with a plan. It was a musical group that was supposed to bridge a lot of the barriers in the concert world. They present a mix of classical, rock, heavy metal and other kinds of music. The sho… more

  • Trans-Siberian Going Trans North America

    Trans-Siberian Going Trans North America

    Concerts news It has been known as one of the most innovative groups for many years and they make a big tour every winter. Last year, their concerts were among the best-selling of the season and people came out of the shows excited by the spectacle. The orchestra, sometimes called the TSO, has just announced some of their winter 2009-2010 concert dates. With over 60 members in the group, they will … more

  • Singing Celtic Woman

    Singing Celtic Woman

    Concerts news If you liked Riverdance, you’ll love this show. This is the group that’s been called the “Riverdance for the voice”. There’s a good reason for this: they’re from Ireland and they sing a similar kind of music. The five Celtic Women are Chloe Agnew, Lynn Hilary, Lisa Kelly, Alex Sharpe and fiddler Mairead Nesbitt. In 2009, the group will be embarking … more