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Ticketing Information from Vivid Seats Available in Google Now

May 15, 2013 by Amy

Google Now Integration

As a leading event ticket marketplace, Vivid Seats has now made its event ticketing information available to Google Now™ users. With the integration, users who receive ticketing information emailed to their Gmail email addresses will be able to see their event information directly in Google Now.

From within the Google Search™ app, Google Now will be able to provide users with information such as when their favorite band or artist will be performing nearby, or reminders after event tickets have been purchased. For customers purchasing tickets through Vivid Seats, a specially designed email confirmation will be sent, which will allow Google Now to thoroughly and accurately pull event data to use in notifications. Users will have the ability to customize such notices to meet their needs.

Named “Innovation of the Year” for 2012, Google Now (part of the Google Search app) has been available for select Android™ devices since last June, and recently became available for iPhones and iPads last month.

In addition to event notifications, users are already able to sync the app with Gmail to take advantage of numerous other available features. Using existing information in Gmail as well as a user’s search history and interests, Google Now will provide “cards,” or notifications for items such as nearby restaurants, up-to-the-minute flight information, hotel reservations, traffic times, birthday reminders, stocks, current weather conditions, and more.

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