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Do The Minnesota Vikings Have The Easiest Path To The Super Bowl?

January 08, 2018

It would be a fairytale ending for the Minnesota Vikings to play in the Super Bowl this season, and it at least looks as though the stars may be aligning in their favor.

The Vikings are looking to become the very first time to play in a Super Bowl on their home field, as this years big game is being hosted at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. No team has ever been able to enjoy true home-field advantage and reap the benefits of it in the championship game. According to ESPNs FPI index and writer Mark Barnwell, the Vikings may have the easiest path to the dance.From ESPN:Despite making it to the postseason as the 2-seed, the Vikings should be favored throughout the remainder of the NFC postseason. Theyll either be at home against the Falcons or on the road at the Foles-led Eagles, and if the Falcons are road favorites in Philadelphia, the Vikings will be treated in a similar fashion. Minnesota is laying 3.5 points at home against New Orleans this week in a game FPI projects them to win 68.1 percent of the time; the Vikings will almost surely be larger favorites in the NFC Championship Game if they win on Sunday.The FPI index says that the Vikings have an 18.8 per cent chance of winning the Super Bowl altogether, with the most likely outcome being facing the New England Patriots and losing.The Vikings potentially playing at home would be extremely interesting for reasons other than the storybook quality of it. With so many attendees of the Super Bowl being non-Vikings fans, how much would the aforementioned home field advantage really kick in? We know that Super Bowl tickets are available to just over 22% of Vikings season ticket holders, but that leaves at least 78% of the stadium to be filled up by anyone who wants to buy Super Bowl tickets, which may not necessarily be all Vikings fans or even primarily Vikings fans.To find out what percentage chance your team has of winning the Super Bowl, according to ESPN, definitely read the remainder of the article.

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