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Eagles Tour Tickets Go On Sale; Will Probably Break Records Again

December 04, 2017

Just when you thought they were done, the Eagles are back for more.

One of the most prolific touring acts of all-time, the Eagles proclaimed their days on the road were over after the History of the Eagles Tour, a 109 show blockbuster circuit that ended in July of 2015. However, the group is back at it, at least one more time.This tour will take on a special significance, after the passing of legendary guitarist Glenn Frey. Eagles fans are notoriously loyal, and no doubt they will be willing to spend even more for the chance to commiserate, mourn and celebrate with their brethren. According to several news outlets, the band will be accompanied by Jimmy Buffett (perhaps the most prolific touring artist ever) and country star Chris Stapleton, who will open shows on the tour.The Eagles have always been a very divisive group in the music worldin some ways, you might compare their love them or detest them status to modern rock stars Nickelback, though substantially more successful. In fact, on the day Frey passed, the New York Daily News published an article about how much writer Gersh Kuntzman hated them. In it, he wrote, but the Eagles were, quite simply, the worst rock and roll band. And hating the Eagles defines whether a music fan is a fan of music or just a bandwagon-jumper.Regardless of what Kurtzman or anyone else thinks, that bandwagon has always been mighty full. Their Greatest Hits, a compilation of their best songs from between 1971 and 1975 is twenty nine times platinum, and according to who you ask, is either the best-selling album of all-time, or somewhere in the top 10 alongside iconic releases such as Michael Jacksons Thriller.Despite their status as record selling giants, their reputation and popularity has always been rooted in their live acts. A 2016 Billboard article outlines just how insanely popular Eagles tickets have been since the 1970s:Demand to see the Eagles live has never waned. The History of the Eagles tour -- presumably their last -- grossed $253 million and sold over 2 million tickets to 147 shows, according to a source with the band. Since reuniting in 1994, the Eagles have reported 564 shows totaling $850 million in gross and 8.8 million tickets sold; given that the Boxscore total is short by approximately one-third, it is safe to assume that the Eagles have grossed over $1 billion and been seen by 10 million fans worldwide.Asked if that estimate is in the ballpark, (longtime manager Irving) Azoff says, "Im sure it was a billion," adding that the bands merch numbers were equally strong. "Eagles most likely sold more merch than any other touring band during that period. Merch per caps oftentimes set building records. Im sure it exceeded a billion [dollars]."The Eagles are also credited with being the first band to break the $100 barrier, and regularly charge more than $100 for a concert ticket. Basically, next time youre upset with ticket prices, blame the Eagles.But as much vitriol as can be thrown at the Eagles, their catalogue and accomplishments are undeniable. Hotel California is an all-time classic. Peaceful Easy Feeling can literally give the listener that just through chords and vocals, while still being a nuanced song about longing for a partner but it being unrequited.In terms of popularity, lets put it this way: The Eagles last tour made more money than Taylor Swifts 1989 Tour.It might not have a hashtag or get nightly coverage on cable television, but the hottest ticket of 2018 may not even be Taylors Reputation tour, it might be the Eagles.
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